Peter Maguire after completing the Kilbeggen 10 miler on Sunday, August 8th.
Edenderry AC members after their Sunday am training.
Edenderry AC members after their Sunday am training.

August 1st, Sunday Run.

Deirdre Henchy taking to her bicycle on Sunday, August 1st.
Peter Maguire after completing a 19 mile pace run on Sunday, August 1st.
Cindy Reilly and Loiuse Wallace after the child line 5km virtual Run.
Cindy Reilly and Louise Wallace after the Fighting Cocks 5km on Saturday, July 24.
(Back left to right) Mark Evans, Peter Maguire, Derek Maguire, Stephen Murphy.
        (Front Left to Right) Ollie Dunne, Thomas Smyth, Mark Smyth, Louise Wallace and Cindy Reilly
After The Ferbane AC 5km on Sunday, July 25th.
Therese Cullen, David Breen, Caramel Moore and Tom Hogan after their Sunday morning Half Marathon.
Deirdre Henchy after completing the Lusk 5km.
Louise Wallace, Sindy Reilly, Stephen Murphy, Barney Daniels, Sean Og Farrell and Caroline Donnellan after their Sunday morning run. (Left – Right)
Tom Hogan, Caramel Moore and Therese Cullen after completing their 10 mile run on Sunday, July 18th.

June 20th, Half Marathon.

 Deirdre Henchy completed the KBC virtual 4 mile on Sunday, June 20th.
 Caroline Donnellan and Sean Og Farrell after the Go Gasta Challenge on Sunday, June 20th.
 Peter Maguire (red) during the Le Cheile 5km Track Race on Saturday, May 15th.
Stephen Murphy, Peter Maguire, Sean Og Farrell, Caroline Donnellan, Mark Evans, Therese Cullen, Louise Wallace and Sindy Reilly. (Left to Right)

Operation Transformation Virtual 5km.

Tom Hogan
Therese Cullen
Deirdre Henchy
Jackie Farrell
Carmel Moore
Ollie Dunne