Cindy Reilly after The 5 for Fighters Run Virtual.
Louise Wallace after The 5 for Fighters’ Virtual Run.
Ollie Dunne and Therese Cullen after The great Limerick Virtual Run.
Gingerbread Medal
Theresa Cullen
Deirdre Henchy
Dublin City Virtual Marathon
Mark Smyth and Tom Smyth and  Peter Maguire and Derek Maguire
Barney Daniels
 Paddy English
The Women’s Mini Marathon on Sunday, October 11th
Tracy Stynes, Therese Cullen and Leona Farrell
Becky, Janice and Lou
Declan Cullen
Louise Wallace
Jackie Farrell and Anne Quinn
 Deirdre Henchy
Cindy Reilly
Therese Cullen with her August 100 mile challenge medal
Peter Maguire, Cindy Reilly and Louise Wallace
Cindy Reilly and Louise Wallace at the 5km run September 20th
Peter Maguire crossing the finish line on Sunday, September 20th
Skehana 5km
 Athletes at the end of the run
Peter Maguire
Barney Daniels
 Peter Maguire running the 5 mile in Mondello Park on Thursday, August 6th.
Peter Maguire on the home straight in Mondello Park on Thursday, August 6th.
Louise Wallace after her Barrow Blueway 5km.
Cindy Reilly after her Barrow Blueway 5km.
Virtual Run for Autism 5km
Derek Maguire
Peter Maguire
Louise Wallace
 Deirdre Henchy
Peter Maguire, Christian Visser and Thomas Smyth after finishing the Nurney 5km.
Deirdre Henchy after completing The Irish Runner 5 Mile.
Thomas Smyth crosses the finish line in The  Mondello Park 5km on Thursday, July 2nd.
Peter Maguire leads the pack in the Nurney 5km on Sunday, July 5th.
Mark and Emma Hampton. 
Threse Cullen, Leona Farrell and Sean Og Farrell
Thomas Smyth and Ollie Dunne

John Stynes, Tracey Stynes, Therese Cullen and Leona Farrell after completing the Irish Runner 5 Mile .

Lia Evans and Mark Evans.
Melissa Murphy
Lou Maloney
Deirdre Henchy
Triona Corcoran and Jessica Corcoran 
Derek Maguire, Threse Cullen and Leona Farrell.(back training )
Peter Maguire
Stephen Murphy, Christisn Visser, Mark Evans,  Barney Daniels and Sean Og Farrell. (all back training Friday 19th June )
Club Chairman Barney Daniels after the virtual ThroughBred Half Marathon.
Declan Cullen and Leona Farrel pictured after the Throughbred virtual run.
Deirdre Henchy 
Louise Wallace
Mark Smyth
Paddy English, Derek Maguire, Mark  Evans, Christian Visser, Peter Maguire.
Stephen Murphy also competed in the half Marathon but is absent from photo.
Deirdre Henchy 

Caragh 5k/10k,  New Years Day.

Lia Evans, David Allen, Thomas Smyth, Noel Clancy , Mark Evans, Barney Daniels,  Caroline Donnellan, Bobby Kehoe, Millie Kehoe , Janice Kehoe , Damien Kehoe.

Barney and Christian in the World  Half Marathon in Donadea